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Jonathan Wexler

D. Wexler & Sons, Inc., Steel Warehouse, is a 92 year old, 4th generation family small business in the steel service center business. We reached out to Sound of Hope media group to help us stay relevant and competitive in an industry where our company is a David amongst Goliaths. My first experience working with the team at Sound of Hope was to develop an extraordinary web page that truly captured the essence of what our small family business was about. The helped us to express the core products and services we focused on and assisted in helping us to reach more customers through new channels. Corey and Linda took the time to get to know us and understand how Wexlersteel operated and what we wanted our message to be to reach a broader customer base. They efficiently and economically developed the web page to accompany the Eco System roll out, and timed things so that everything came together ahead of the launch schedule. They described the eco system as an economical way to increase our online presence across an array of platforms, in hopes of reaching a more potential customers. We are excited to see the outcome of these drastic media changes and look forward to increased online presence and a continued long term relationship with the Sound of Hope Media Group.